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HUFUD Peace Study Day 2017


PEACE By PIECE: Five Prepositions Before We Shoot

A unique lecture and workshop with the great and incomparable JOHN LEECH.John Leech

John Leech is a senior member of organisations specialising in international affairs, including the Federal Trust for Education and Research, and of bodies involved in the Arts. He was European Co-ordinator of the European-American political and security circle West-West Agenda and is the author of books on the NATO Parliamentarians Conference, whose Deputy Director he was during the formative period of the Atlantic Congress, on the future of NATO (Halt! Who Goes Where?, 1991), on alternatives to warfare (Asymmetries of Conflict: War Without Death, 2002) and on European integration (Whole and Free: NATO, EU Enlargement and Transatlantic Relations (Ed), 2002 and earlier works). He is a member of the IISS and of Chatham House.

Born in Potsdam, he came to Britain in 1939. As a civil engineer, he spent some years in India before entering a long association with the Commonwealth Development Corporation, serving in East Africa, on missions to the Caribbean and responsible for the extension of operations to much of Asia and Africa.

Stefan G. Ziegler, Humanitarian Practitioner, Lecturer and Trainer. Stefan G. Ziegler

Stefan is a Swiss national with over 15 years of experience in the fields of research and advocacy related to humanitarian action. He currently works as an independent trainer and facilitator. Recent assignments include: communications training at the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, Ghana. He designed training courses for IFRC and UNDP. In spring 2015 he returned from a mission to eastern Ukraine with the OSCE where he was the head of the regional reporting office. Until 2013 he managed the Barrier Monitoring Unit (BMU) a research unit of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the West Bank. He was in charge of researching the humanitarian impacts of the Wall on Palestinian communities directly affected by its route.

Previously Stefan has served as Operations Support Officer for the UN, facilitating access of movement and participating in protection work. Prior to the UN, he worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), where he developed on-the-ground humanitarian aid experience and promoted sustainable handover of development projects in Georgia, Abkhazia, Palestine and the Balkans.

Stefan is an Affiliate Trainer with RedR in London. He is a member of the Irish and Swiss Emergency Response Teams, as well as the Swiss Foreign Affairs’ Expert Pool. He figures on the rosters of the German Development Agency (GIZ) and UNDP’s Early Recovery Advisors. He previously held the position of Strategic Planning Associate at the Irish Peace Institute in Limerick, Ireland where he had lived for over ten years prior to his career in humanitarianism. Read More

Volunteering on Peace Study Day

We are looking for peace-lovers and peace-seekers, people who believe, as we do, that armed forces DO NOT and will NEVER bring peace to humanity. We welcome peace activists, educators and unconditional lovers of humanity. On the day, you will have the opportunity to learn and contribute in workshops and debates, and to participate in a final Peace March to Whitehall, Downing Street and the Parliament.

Inspirational speakers include musician Alberto Portugheis, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, as well as experts in Conflict Resolution by peaceful means.

Volunteers will have the £5 entry fee and the cost of refreshments waived.

As a Reception & Catering Volunteer you will be asked to help with:

- Greeting and registering the participants, handing the programme and directions to fire exits, toilets, meeting, refreshments rooms, etc.
- Serving tea, coffee, biscuits, cake, sandwiches, soft drinks, etc. during the allocated break time.
- Helping the HUFUD team with holding the banners during the Peace March.

HUFUD 2nd Peace Rally
HUFUD 2nd Peace Rally

HUFUD participated in the first ever LIVING PEACE SIGN event in the UK where thousands rallied in Trafalgar Square on Saturday the 14th May, 2016.


We are calling upon all humanity to work together for a world free of war through the transformation of the war economy into a peace economy, through the permanent abolition of Armed Forces, UNIVERSALLY.

Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President.

International concert pianist and piano pedagogue. Peace lover and Anti-Military campaigner, his vision is set out in his two books, "Dear Ahed..... The Game of War and a Path to Peace" (2009) and "$$$$$s In Their Hearts" (2014). Alberto Portugheis was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008.

Nerea Rosa Barros, HUFUD Vice President.

Entrepreneur. Master in Conflict Resolution in Intercultural Communications. Peace campaigner and Community Organiser. Thinker, lover of art and supporter of universal peace education.

Yvonne Cheng, HUFUD website & graphic designer.


"HUFUD is looking for humans that feel we can do without guns and war, and want to make it real"

Part-time voluntary roles at HUFUD include:

Research Research and write-up new content for the organisation
Social Media Marketing Create content for the HUFUD Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr Pages
Events Organiser Organise and come up with ideas for HUFUD peace events.
Engagement & Fundraising Connect and engage with donors

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about volunteering opportunities at HUFUD.


Your donation will help us run workshops, lectures, rallies and outreach activities—disseminating our ideology to the world, in many languages—to promote PEACE, through EDUCATION, COMMUNITY BUILDING, and COOPERATING with other human rights organisations and individuals.