"The year is new, but not the message. My message remains constant year after year, even though I may be using new words. We must achieve our aim: living in a NON-MILITARIZED planet. Let us all work together towards finding, creating alternative work for the millions of employees in military factories, at the moment making a living by producing killing toys, from minute bullets to gigantic warships, that will kill their own brothers and sisters."—Alberto Portugheis (c) Jan 2018

Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President.

International concert pianist and piano pedagogue. Peace lover and Anti-Military campaigner, his vision is set out in his two books, "Dear Ahed..... The Game of War and a Path to Peace" (2009) and "$$$$$s In Their Hearts" (2014). Alberto Portugheis was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008.

Barbara Lister, Honorary Patron

Eva Scheuckel, Public Relations and Communications

Yvonne Cheng, HUFUD website& graphic designer.

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