HUFUD Peace Study September 2017

Audience 1
Arms for Love, Not for War.
Azadeh Chahvi
The brilliant Azadeh Chahvi—Iranian refugee children educator and peacemaker.
John Leech
“Five Propositions Before We Shoot” by the legendary John Leech, MBE.
Nerea Rosa Barros
Our own Nerea Rosa Barros moderating the debate session.
Stefan Ziegler
A discussion with the film producer, Stefan Ziegler, of “Broken”, a documentary about the Wall in Palestine.
Christophe Barbey
Christophe Barbey on Non-militarisation: “Security does not belong to institutions, it belongs to the people.”
Alberto Portugheis speaking at the March
Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President, speaking at Downing Street during our Peace March. We were joined by other activists demonstrating against the Rohingya's massacres in Myanmar.

Peace Study Day photos (c) Yvonne Cheng

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